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Caring hand in hand

Choosing a residential care facility is the beginning of a journey that is both personal and emotional leading to one of the most important decisions to be made. At SwanCare we appreciate that residential care is as much about providing support and peace of mind to the family as it is caring for the resident. 

Care residents are often long-term, valued members of the Bentley Park community and receive a range of client-centred care support services where individuality is respected and quality of life regarded as a right. Whether it is care within the traditional environment of Tandara or Waminda Care Facilities or the contemporary setting of Kingia Care Facility, a SwanCare care facility is a welcoming and vibrant residential community where well-being and safety are paramount. Each of our residential care facilities is distinguished by their comfortable living areas, resident-focused activities and friendly companionable ambience. An enduring respectful partnership between resident, family and carers ensures the best care possible.


These videos will help people when they are researching retirement living and aged care.

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