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Kingia - the future in residential care

Opened March 2009

Kingia Entrance

An inspired new era in residential care has arrived at Bentley Park with the opening of Kingia Care Facility. Designed to create a positive and uplifting living environment at this important time in the cycle of life, Kingia offers residents a home of exceptional comfort and amenity.

Enter the foyer in Kingia and step into an extraordinary space that enlivens the senses. Make your way to the residential wings that have been furnished to create a world of colour and stimulation to residents’ living environment. Attention to detail in the quality furnishings and pleasing vistas encourage residents, especially those with limited mobility, to engage with a world beyond their immediate place. The dining, lounge and sitting areas radiate personality and warmth to create welcoming areas to enjoy companionship and shared activities.

Leisure time at Kingia is quality time for residents and their visitors of all generations to enjoy in Spritz Cafe, taking in the best of the day in the garden courtyards and visiting the hair salon. A special children’s activity room means that families can share time together in conversation and play.

Spritz Cafe

Kingia is a premium facility that seamlessly blends personalised care with resort style living.

The facility provides superior accommodation and services for seniors who require some assistance with the activities of daily living, but who do not require full time nursing care. Each private suite is tastefully and comfortably furnished. Leisure areas cater for a varied program of lifestyle activities that support and encourage a warm and engaging sense of community.

Kingia Bedroom 

A cheering yet tranquil environment providing peace of mind to residents and their relatives. The person-centred philosophy of care in Kingia is carried through every aspect of our service, nursing, hospitality and lifestyle, making the most of opportunity and ability. 

All rooms in Kingia are equipped with reverse cycle air conditioning. Residents may provide their own small flat screen television or may choose the television hire service during their residency.



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Tandara – a trusted name in residential care


Tandara External

At a time when reassurance of the best possible care is a priority, a trusted and established name engenders confidence in making the right choice.

Tandara Care Facility is a traditional residential care home that is trusted and respected within the Western Australian community. The quality care residents receive in Tandara is personalised to the needs of the individual, always respectful of choice, dignity and ability. Qualified experienced nursing staff and carers are in attendance all hours.

Tandara Courtyard

Residents’ suites are fully air conditioned, furnished with warmth and comfort. Photos and special mementoes create a sense of belonging, connecting families and special memories.

Tandara Room

A lively and involving lifestyle program provides choices to our residents to pursue activities matched to their interests and ability. Companionable sharing, reminiscing and good humour make Tandara a truly special community.




Waminda – resident focused assisted living


Waminda Foyer

Assisted living in Waminda is centred on each resident’s individual needs. Care is delivered with patience, kindness and understanding. The philosophy of care is to encourage residents to remain in control of their lives, retaining a sense of independence, providing support as needed.

Waminda Care Facility offers private, comfortable, air-conditioned accommodation with all services and amenities tailored to each resident’s comfort and well-being in cheerful, well-appointed surroundings.

Each resident has a private bedroom with ensuite and access to shared dining and recreation facilities.
Residents are encouraged to personalise their own living area with treasured items and photos. The recreation and dining areas are furnished in a comfortable home-like style.

Waminda Bedroom

A personalised care plan is created upon admission detailing individual services required by the resident. The plan is updated regularly to ensure appropriate care is maintained as a resident’s condition changes.

All residents are encouraged to participate in the wide range of social and recreational activities provided within the Bentley Park community.

Continuing family relationships are central to the Waminda care philosophy. Short breaks away from the care centre to visit family and friends add to enjoyment, health and well-being. Regular meetings are held with residents, their families and Waminda administration to ensure that services are continuing to meet the needs of the community.



Respite care

Respite care, offered through our Waminda Care Facility, is a gift of time that enables carers to take a well-earned break from the daily demands of care-giving. Confidence in knowing that the care recipient will receive quality individualised care during their stay is essential for the carer to benefit from the time-out from their responsibilities.

Respite residents are welcomed as members of the Bentley Park community. Qualified staff are fully oriented to the needs of respite residents in order to minimise disruption to their familiar care routine.

Care services that are tailored to the individual

Services include:

  • morning and night personal care
  • assistance with showering and dressing
  • medication reminders 
  • provision of all meals 
  • social and recreational activities 
  • physiotherapy 
  • dietetic services 
  • podiatry 
  • speech pathology 
  • pet therapy
  • beauty and complementary therapies
  • multi-cultural programmes
  • individual case management
  • hairdressing
  • kiosk services
  • on-site house mother
  • pharmacy services
  • social outings

Often when someone moves to a residential care facility they are no longer able to continue many of their past spiritual practices such as attending church services and participating in church community events and celebrations.

Pastoral Care

The goal of our pastoral care program is to provide for residents of all faiths. Pastoral support can be arranged at the request of the resident and family.

Chapel Services

Throughout the month, chapel services and fellowship gatherings are held for our residents. In all our residential care facilities, it is recognised that residents come from many different religious traditions. Hence, services are designed to support and appeal to residents of all faiths.


Chaplains visit regularly with residents, especially during times of crisis, illness, death and dying, or other special needs. Residents and families are asked to request visits if desired.

Community Support

Regular visits from volunteers who provide companionship and practical assistance are all part of the residential care way of life. This service is particularly important to those residents who find themselves housebound. The kind donation of time given to our residents by this dedicated group positively contribute to the well being of those in care. 

Our lifestyle programs celebrate the individual

Each member of the care team recognises, supports and celebrates each person’s individuality. A choice of activities and social opportunities provides interest and diversity to the day and encourages residents to enjoy the company of others.

Our lifestyle program is for everyone’s enjoyment:

  • gardening
  • baking
  • outings
  • pet care
  • gentle exercise
  • life skills
  • other specialist activities such as reminiscence therapy, music therapy and various complimentary therapies are also provided

Recognising the needs of people with dementia, we have created opportunities and activities that meet the highest standards in specialist care for those with dementia.

Regular meetings and social gatherings are organised for families and friends and form an essential support network.

Our philosophy of care incorporates:

  • promoting self-esteem 
  • encouraging independence
  • respecting ability 
  • supporting life-skills and individuality 
  • enabling freedom of choice 
  • providing a comfortable and safe environment where someone can live with their dementia and not just exist


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