SwanCare prides itself on the quality of our staff. While the physical surrounds are important, it is the genuine compassion and support provided everyday by our carers and nursing staff that makes all the difference.

SwanCare staff


Senior Staff

Our senior staff are registered nurses who manage our facilities and work within the quality standards. They educate and mentor our nursing and care team and work closely with them to achieve optimal care for our residents.

SwanCare’s senior staff specialise in a range of areas including:

• Dementia

• Infection control

• Occupational Health and Safety

• Wound Management

• Pallative Care. 


Registered Nurses

SwanCare’s registered nurses provide 24/7 nursing care for complete peace of mind. They promote well-being to achieve best practice care and are responsible for a range of activities including: 

• Assessment of residents’ health status

• Case Management

• Family conferencing

• Consultation with GP’s

• Coordination of Multidisciplinary care

• Palliation


Care Staff

Our dedicated care staff work tirelessy to make our residents comfortable and content. They’re all Certificate 111 qualified and assist with a range of daily living activities such as:   

• Showering

• Meal assistance

• Medication

• Transferring-mobility


Physiotherapist / P.T.A.

The physical health and well-being of our residents is a priority, which is why we have a team of physiotherapists and physiotherapy assistants on hand to promote mobility and functional ability. Regular examination, evaluation and assessment ensures our residents can partake in exercise programs to improve their circulation and maintain muscle strength, co-ordination and balance, which helps prevent falls.  


Occupational Therapist / Lifestyle

SwanCare’s team of Occupational Therapists work closely with the residents, adapting the environment and modifying tasks to make it easier for them to participate in events and activities. They assess the residents regularly to ensure their wheelchairs and any other pieces of mobility equipment are set up correctly. All these measures are aimed at maintaining and in many cases improving their independence. Occupational Therapists are supported by Lifestyle staff that develop a calendar of activities to meet the individual needs of our residents.


Hospitality & Hotel Services

Eating well plays a major role in maintaining good health, which is why SwanCare provides a range of tasty, nutritional meals for our residents, with plenty of variety and choice.

Similarly, cleanliness and hygiene is important when it comes to minimising the risk of disease. Our Hotel Services staff set very high standards and maintain the cleanliness not only of our facilities but also the individual rooms of our residents.


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