Referral Rewards Promotion

Do you know someone who'd like to join the
vibrant SwanCare Bentley Park community? 

SwanCare is currently rewarding those who refer someone who purchases a retirement home with up to $2,000 cash. The reward is open to anyone who recommends a friend, family member, colleague or neighbour to retire at SwanCare Bentley Park.

Homes purchased that are $350,000 or more attract a $2,000 referral award, while homes less than $350,000 attract a $1,000 reward. 

Apply for up to $2,000 cash now

To apply, complete this form  (PDF, 170 kB) and return to SwanCare administration.  For further information, contact SwanCare sales on (08) 6250 0016. SwanCare referral rewards promotion

Terms and conditions

Download SwanCare Referral Rewards Promotion terms and conditions here (PDF 144 kB) . 


The SwanCare Referral Rewards Promotion applies only to those who refer someone who enters a Whole-of-Life-Lease with SwanCare for an Eligible Home within the SwanCare Bentley Park site for a limited time and is subject to terms and conditions and eligibility criteria, available for download (see above) or by contacting SwanCare administration on (08) 6250 0000. 

 All matters (including the Promotion Period, the price and availability of Eligible Homes, the amount and availability of any payments and incentives and any other matters relating to the SwanCare Referral Promotion) are subject to change without notice at SwanCare's absolute discretion. This does not form part of any contract and purchasers should review the contract carefully, make their own inquiries and obtain independent financial and legal advice before proceeding. 


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