Art exhibition a hit for care residents

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SwanCare’s Reetha Menon passion for art has fuelled an initiative to enhance the well-being of a group of aged care facility residents.

Reetha is an occupational therapist with a special interest in art and recently organised an exhibition for SwanCare’s Kingia and Tandara care facility residents at Bentley Park, which brought residents together to share and reflect on their creations.

Art exhibition SwanCare

The art was created by care residents themselves as well as retirement village residents and staff, who also live and work at the 15-hectare SwanCare Bentley Park site.

"Exploring art can create a sense of inspiration and connection with the world, and promote intellectual stimulation,” Reetha said. “Residents can benefit from attending an art exhibition like this as it reduces social isolation and allows them to take part in a familiar community activity.

 “A lot of our residents have a long history of being talented artists so they would be able to experience a sense of nostalgia and inclusion, when they see other residents from SwanCare sharing the same skills by displaying their works."

The art on display was varied, including various medium paintings, oil pastel drawings, flip books and pages done with coloured pencils from care residents, 3D craft murals, ceramics, and handicrafts.  

Art exhibition SwanCare

Art exhibition SwanCare


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