SwanCare admits new resident is paw-fect

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The very latest resident to be welcomed at SwanCare’s Bentley Park Independent Living Units has four legs and a tail that wags enthusiastically.

Standard poodle Jake is SwanCare’s new therapy dog, after being rescued from an uncertain fate by village residents Ann and John Jacobs.

As a result, the three-year-old hound now meets and greets seniors at SwanCare’s Kingia/Tandara and Waminda aged care facilities, where he has become a huge hit.

His owner Ann Jacobs says the twice-weekly visits bring companionship to residents, the majority of whom have owned and loved dogs in their younger years.

“Jake has had an extremely positive influence on residents, as well as SwanCare’s staff and our neighbours at the village,” Anne says.

“Already we are finding that his presence is very relaxing for residents, they love stroking him and giving him treats, and his visits certainly increase interactivity with residents who are living with dementia; the feedback we’ve received from everyone has been very positive.”

SwanCare Group Chief Executive Officer Graham Francis says statistics show that 85 per cent of people have owned a pet at some time in their lives.  “Because of this it is no surprise that animal interaction is a great source of therapy,” he says.

“Research also shows that animals improve the wellbeing of people and this is one of the reasons why we thought it would be a very positive experience for our residents to receive visits from a therapy dog on a regular basis, Jake is certainly a popular resident at SwanCare and it’s obvious that everyone has fallen in love with him already.”

Oodles of poodle love 


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