Colin Manes, ICT Manager

Colin Manes

Behind the scenes of our frontline care operation, we have a dedicated team which leads our business operations. They work to help ensure SwanCare is providing the highest level of care to our residents every single day, and to support our continued growth. Meet Colin Manes, our ICT Manager, who is responsible for continually improving our systems and the way our community works.

While Colin joined the team at the end of 2016, his journey with SwanCare happened to begin a few years earlier. In a previous role as a supplier for SwanCare, Colin gained an unforgettable impression of the unique environment on offer for both residents and staff.

“Working as a supplier for SwanCare, I was able to see how they treated everyone and I really liked how focused on people they were. In that role, I was once taken on a tour and it was easy to see the value and importance placed on residents extended to their employees.”

“I was looking for a workplace that was people-centric, so when I saw this job advertised it was a no brainer for me to apply!”

Along with a small, dedicated ICT team, Colin works on all technology across the organisation. With such a broad focus, an average day for Colin can involve anything from technical work, interacting with suppliers, procurement, negotiations and identifying growth areas for technology.

Beyond the enjoyment that comes from the variety of work and the unique SwanCare environment, Colin loves that he is able to do so much more than he could in the same role elsewhere. Having access to people from across the organisation means Colin can identify areas for improvement that bring the most value to the entire team.

“When I have time to talk with people and engage with other areas of the business, that really makes the day great. What we do is so much more than just basic IT. We think business. Getting out to our different facilities and talking to people about what their pain points are and where we can add value, that’s really rewarding.”

For Colin, the best projects he gets to work on are ones that make a visible difference. Colin defines success within his role as implementing new technology that everyone enjoys and that makes things easier. Continuous improvement is something he consistently focuses on, knowing that the work he does impacts on residents through his colleagues.

“Even if I’m helping staff with a tech issue, there is always a flow on effect where my work will help them perform their job better and therefore deliver to our residents better. Because of this I put a lot on myself, because I want to do really great work. But it’s nice knowing you can also put your hand up for support from the team if needed.”

Colin describes the people at SwanCare as a dedicated team made up of social, hardworking team players who possess an innate willingness to help others - and we couldn’t agree more.

“What we have here is a fun environment that gives back. You look around and see that everyone wants to be here. I’m yet to meet someone who doesn’t acknowledge others and enjoy what they do. It’s really encouraging! There is a strong sense of community at SwanCare and we all help create that community feel.”

So, how does it feel to come to work at SwanCare each day?

“It’s a pretty good feeling knowing that the work you do each day gives back and makes a difference to someone else in the team and therefore the residents. It’s a special environment to work in. There’s a strong sense of team and community. It stems from having the right people and the fact that we work in homes - the residents live here. It’s something you can’t get anywhere else.”

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