Tanya Rose, Person Centred Carer

 Tanya Rose 

Our residents rely on SwanCare for their everyday needs, support and friendship. The importance of the work our team undertakes every day is immeasurable, and it takes great people to consistently deliver the highest quality of care - always with a smile on their face. Meet Tanya Rose from our Person Centred Care team, who plays a hands-on role in putting our wonderful residents first.

Tanya joined SwanCare in 2016 within the Person Centred Care team and brought with her more than a decade of knowledge and experience. She first decided to pursue a career in Aged Care after her mum, who had worked in the industry for more than 30 years, encouraged her to do so - and we’re grateful Tanya followed this advice! Beyond her skills and passion for her work, it’s Tanya’s vibrancy and down to earth approach that makes her such a vital part of the SwanCare team.

The main focus of Tanya’s role is looking after the residents on a daily basis. As a Person Centred Carer, Tanya is responsible for anything a resident requires relating to their person - whether it’s support with showering, dressing, eating, moving from one place to another, and anything in between. When Tanya first began, the diversity that she got to experience within the unique SwanCare environment was unexpected, but very welcomed.

“Even though it’s the same people and the same place every day, it’s always so different. It’s definitely an environment that keeps you on your toes. The people I work with really make the day great. We always provide each other with help and support and, of course, love to have a laugh together! That’s something you can’t get in many workplaces.”

Like all people in the SwanCare team, Tanya carries huge responsibility in caring for residents. It’s this responsibility that is always the driving force behind everything she does. Beyond the motivation from doing rewarding work and being part of an unbeatable environment, it’s the residents who motivate Tanya most.

“Our goal is always the resident - everything we do throughout SwanCare comes back to them. I love that the work is so one on one. We get to be close with the residents and get to know them. I like being able to help someone and know at the end of the day I’ve done something great for a resident.”

Every role and workplace has its challenges. For Tanya, difficult days when residents are unwell or when dementia patients are needing extra support could be seen has hurdles that are hard to overcome. However, these are challenges that she always takes in her stride, drawing on her experience and the unwavering support from those around her.

“I have never worked in a place where everyone is so supportive and approachable, no matter their role or level. It’s very refreshing that everyone wants to help one another. I love that our managers make the time to come out and see what’s happening on the floor. No one is hidden away behind closed doors! There is such a strong sense of community all around.”

As someone who describes herself as a keen learner, Tanya has found her place at SwanCare, where importance is placed on continuous education and growth. Being able to participate in regular training and development ensures she never becomes static within her role - there is always something new to discover.

“SwanCare offers so many education programs and training sessions all through the year. I’ve recently completed a mini course called Dementia Essentials. Some of our residents do suffer from dementia, so to be able to build on the knowledge you already have in order to improve their lives, that’s a great feeling.”

So, what future does Tanya see for herself at SwanCare?

“Looking ahead, I only see myself working at SwanCare. I truly love what I do! I believe if someone is hardworking and positive, and if they value what we value, then they’ll absolutely feel the same about working here.”

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