Von Isser Patalan, Registered Nurse

Von Isser Patalan

At SwanCare, ensuring residents consistently receive the highest quality care is always our priority, and achieving this starts with our people. Our care staff (which includes carers, allied health professionals and assistants, and enrolled and registered nurses) are at the core of what we do. Each day they focus on residents and ensuring health and wellbeing is always at its best. Meet registered nurse Von Isser Patalan, whose dedication and passion makes him a perfect fit for the SwanCare team.

Isser first joined the SwanCare team in 2014 as a carer, before completing his Bachelor of Nursing and becoming a registered nurse with us in 2015. Working across both the Kingia Care Facility and Tandara Care Facility, Isser continues to grow in his role, building on the experience he gained in the Philippines working within operating theatres.

While no two days are ever exactly the same, an average day for Isser involves checking in on residents’ physical, emotional and physiological wellbeing, managing medications and dressings, coordinating with doctors and specialists, and completing documentation. Of the many moving parts of Isser’s role, there is one thing that he loves most and will always make time for.

“I will always make time to sit down with the residents and talk with them. It really is my favourite thing. Helping the elderly is so important to me. In the past, I took care of my grandparents and when I’m at SwanCare I consider all residents as my grandparents. The feeling that I’m able to help them like my own family is a good feeling.”

Before beginning at SwanCare, Isser admits he had reservations about working in the aged care industry. However, once he came on board he quickly realised that the perceptions he had of the industry did not exist within the environment that SwanCare has carefully cultivated over more than half a century.

“I have to admit, before I considered working here I did worry that aged care would be less dynamic than a hospital environment. But I could not have been more wrong! It’s such an interesting area to work within and you get to meet so many different people. I also love that I get to learn a lot here. There are plenty of new things to learn. For example, there are always new ways for working with each dementia patient and all other residents to ensure they’re enjoying their day.”

There is a huge level of responsibility that Isser takes on every time he comes to work. Working with up to 50 residents in a shift may sound overwhelming, but with incredible support and teamwork from care staff and other nurses, the working day is always made easy.

“Although the shifts can get busy, it’s really nice knowing that we help one another to make sure we’re always putting the residents first. There is so much support from the team and they’re always happy and willing to lend a hand. We have a great atmosphere. Aside from my love of working with the residents, it’s that atmosphere and team that keeps me wanting to come to work each day. I get excited to come to work and see everyone.”

With great responsibility comes the need for great people. Isser describes the best people for the team, no matter their role, as patient and hardworking. He explains that these traits are ‘the two ingredients in the recipe for success at SwanCare.’ In a place where there can be challenges yet where positivity always fills the work environment, it’s vital that people can bring dedication and a willingness to work, just like Isser.

A key motivator for Isser is learning - not only as part of his everyday work, but through the extensive range of courses that SwanCare provides. Through internal and external education as well as online courses, Isser says he has been able to learn more at SwanCare than he could have imagined. Recently attending a three day education and training session through Alzheimer’s Australia WA, Isser was able to grow his knowledge within this important area and bring back valuable skills to help improve the lives of our dementia patients.

But at the end of the day, his key motivation comes down to helping others.

“I love working at SwanCare. It’s a great place to work, no matter your role. Being able to help people is a very rewarding thing. We have a good environment, a friendly team and the chance to work with so many wonderful residents. I really don’t think you could find another place like SwanCare.”

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