Living our Values

The SwanCare values are at the heart of everything we do and those who join us commit to living those values every day.

Working at SwanCare means more than ‘just a job’. We are a truly connected organisation where everyone has the chance to make their best work count. We go above and beyond every day to improve people’s lives, and our values shape how we do it.

Our values were developed in 2012 by a group of staff who all strongly understood the importance of respect at SwanCare, both for our fantastic team and our wonderful residents. We show respect in everything we do, so it made sense that this is the word our values spell out.

Together, we are reliable, enthusiastic, supportive, professional, ethical, compassionate and team focussed.

SwanCare values

Are you (and do you like those around you to be) …

Reliability is essential for both our residents and team. It ensures wealways bring the highest level of care and deliver the best outcomes. We manage our time well, we maintain consistency (this is really important for residents who love routine!) and wefollow through on our responsibilities and commitment to others.

A positive attitude and enthusiasm is a non-negotiable in our team! We understand that everyone has difficult days and a reality of our industry is we grieve together at times. But we strive to start each day anew, bringing contagious energy and always making room for smiles and laughter.

Being supportive to residents is an obvious expectation of many roles at SwanCare. However, this also extendsto the team around you. We always support one another in any way possible and those who can do that will fit perfectly in our welcoming workplace.

While we always make room for laughter and enjoy our work together, we never lose sight of the professionalism that is so important to what we do.  We consistently strive to be the best we can be and we support this through training and education. We are committed to providing the highestlevel of care to our wonderful residents and creating a workplace that we’re proud of, and you’ll be a part of that.

Doing the right thing and being honest is a value and an expectation of everyone at SwanCare. This includes following our professional codes of conduct, upholding standards and practicing safe behaviours. No matter your role, your work will be on display to our residents and community.  

As many of our team will tell you, we can teach skills but we can never teach compassion. Aged care is an incredibly fulfilling industry to work in and seeing your support reflected in the smiles of our residents is so rewarding. Being empathetic and understanding towards everyone you encounter at SwanCare is an indispensable quality, as are resilience, patience and the ability to listen and hear.

Team focussed?
Last but certainly not least, we are all highly team focussed!We truly are a proud team of people who love working together and enjoy supporting one another wherever we can. Our people create the warmest, most welcoming workplace you’ll ever find. If you can contribute to this, then we’d love to hear from you.  

If you believe in our values and have the work ethic, positive attitude and skills to match our amazing team, join us today and be part of our story.

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