Bentley Park

Bentley Park is so much more than a retirement facility. It’s a lifestyle. A vibrant community that rewards its residents in so many ways. There’s companionship whenever it’s wanted and more often than not, residents find many of those around them share similar interests. They understand the value of a close-knit community and are always willing to help.

While privacy is cherished, people mix freely and often. They chat in the street and join each other in social activities and day trips. All residents at Bentley Park are accepted as individuals and respected for their valuable contribution to our community.

At Bentley Park you can do as much, or as little, as you like..

Workshop at SwanCare Bentley Park

Architect’s drawing of the new lifestyle apartments in Bentley

Akora Logo

Akora is the stylish new architect-designed apartment complex located in SwanCare’s Bentley Park community.

For more details call (08) 6250 0016 or
click here to view the Akora website. 


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